Skládačka s geometrickými tvary


Nádherná vícestupňová skládačka, se kterou děti budou trénovat barvy, tvary, velikosti a mnoho dalšího.

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Nádherná vícestupňová dřevěná skládačka, se kterou si děti budou trénovat barvy, tvary, velikosti a mnoho dalšího.

Top Pick For Special Needs

Nápady na aktivity:

  • Tallest to Smallest: Remove all blocks from the sequence board and sort them into six groups, as in Sorting Activities. Ask the child to choose the tallest blocks from each group and line them up in matching spaces at one end of the sequence board. When this is completed, ask the child to place the medium blocks in the remaining matching spaces on the sequence board. With all of the blocks in position, ask the child to point to the tallest row of blocks, the medium row of blocks and the smallest row of blocks.
  • Add and Subtract: Place one or two blocks in the sequence board and position the sequence board in front of the child. Add one block at a time while guiding the child through addition problems. For example, you might say, „If we have one block and we add one block, how many blocks do we have in all? One plus one is two! What if we add one more block?“ Point to each block, counting aloud. Encourage addition skills by continuing to add blocks.